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Historias en Kilómetros is now a non-for profit production company, working with filmmakers from all over the country - trained by HEK's methodology - to create high-quality and high-impact stories for the world to see.

HEK's graduated teams, now professional community filmmakers with sustainable production companies, have achieved international renown, and are now creating exciting series for massive broadcast.

Check out everything we are doing in our website:

Nicolas Cuellar - HEK fundar and director.

En diciembre de 2019, Historias en Kilómetros celebró la culminación de la formación de dios de sus tres equipos locales con una velada de cine comunitario al aire libre y en pantalla gigante!

Muchas felicitaciones MAREA PRODUCCIONES y CANALETE PRODUCCIONES, y muchas gracias a nuestros aliados, Cinemaluna y La Comisión de la Verdad!

Esta fue la experiencia que tuvo HEK en Tumaco, durante la formación del equipo de MAREA PRODUCCIONES.

Y esta fue la experiencia que tuvo HEK en Buenaventura, durante la formación del equipo de CANALETE PRODUCCIONES.

In 2019, Colombia was the host of the largest male-oriented family planning event in history.

World Vasectomy Day reframes the narrative of male involvement and creates a positive space for men to support their partners by sharing the burden of contraception.

Nicolas Cuellar - Creative director.

Here are some of the Highlights of this year:

To capture the attention of men regarding the family planning methods that exist today, we created an animation of a football game where the players are the contraceptive methods!

We traveled the country talking about vasectomies, explaining the advantages of this method and, for the interested and the curious, showing a VIRTUAL VASECTOMY!

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