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Nicolás Cuellar is a film director and editor for social documentary and narrative projects worldwide. He freelances for several production companies in Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, and NYC. He is the director of recurrent worldwide projects such as World Vasectomy Day and Desafío Culinario. 


He trains local production teams around the world and gives them the tools to tell their own stories. Through his experience leading both documentary and narrative projects, he is now spearheading a storytelling style that links fiction with real-life social effects: he works since 2010 in Haiti, where he trained a local team of audio-visual production and is directing the first season of a television series called "FONTIZON". He's the funder of HISTORIAS EN KILOMETROS, an initiative to train communities around Colombia to tell their own stories.


He directed and edited the documentary CAST THE FIRST STONE, winner of the "Bahamas Film Festival Spirit Of Freedom & Documentary Audience Award for Best Documentary" in 2013.




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